Peer Support Team Courtesy Phone Call Check-in Template

Courtesy Phone Call Check-in Template.
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Introduce yourself, use the person’s name and ask if it is a good time to talk.

“Hi ___________ it’s ______________ , do you have a minute to talk?

No, now’s not a good time – Don’t push it and offer to have them contact you when it’s convenient for them. 

Ok no problem, do you want to text me/call me later?

Yes, sure – Identify that you are calling on a Peer Support Level and why. 

Ok, great, I’m calling on a Peer Support Level. I heard that you/your team/group had a difficult call/incident the other day; I just wanted to touch base with you and see how you/your team/group are doing.

We are / I am doing ok thanks

That’s good to hear, I just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you/your team/group and if you ever want to call one of us, we’d be happy to talk to you. If anything ever changes just let us know and we can set something up, there’s no time limitation on our availability to you. Your other option that you may or may not be aware of is our EFAP. You can call them 24/7/365 and counselor will answer. You can chat over the phone or they can set you up with a counseling appointment in your area. 

Well, I’ve been losing a bit of sleep over it / I’ve been feeling a little bit off and it’s hard to get my head clear the last few days / The team/group is still pretty shaken up over it. 

That’s normal and expected. How have you been managing that? Do you/all of you have support off the job that you can rely on to help you through it? Family, friends? Do you think your group would benefit from us setting up a time and place to chat? We can work it out so that it’s convenient for everyone.

Durham Region Critical Incident Stress Support Team

Durham Region Critical Incident Stress Support Team is a team comprised of experts in dealing with crisis induced stress and trauma.