Meet Our Canines

Developed by introducing a “Crisis Therapy Dog” for members to connect with. Meet some of the furry friends we get to call team members!

The DRCISST Crisis Canine Team

Meet Clara, Daisy, Lilly and Brock

Meet Our Canine: Clara

Clara is a cute Brussels Griffon that is more laid back and mellow. She was also an excellent St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog but she was also happy to be part of the DRCISST team. Clara is still with the team and at only 12 pounds, often would visit Comms in her stroller. About 4 years ago Clara suffered a spinal stroke (Fibrocartilaginous embolism – or FCE) resulting in temporary paralysis of her back legs and ultimately a less than fully healed hind leg. She walks a little sideways but her tail still wags like crazy! She just turned 12 years old and although she is a senior, she’s more than capable of bringing comfort and smiles to Durham’s first responders. She loves to visit and get attention.

Meet Our Canine: Daisy

Golden Retriever, Aviemore’s “Oops A Daisy” (Daisy) was born March 22nd, 2019 and quickly settled into her fur-ever home with Sue and Rick Chalmers. As part of her socialising training, Daisy was introduced to both the fire hall and the municipal operations facility at an early age. The intent had been to bring a comfort level with new places, smells, sounds, and a variety of people. Daisy however had her own agenda and quickly won hearts going from office to office to see her new “frens”. Bee-lining to the Fire Chief’s office (treats began mysteriously appearing in a desk drawer), and staff sprawled on the floor to play. Her visits were definitely a win-win situation for everyone.

Daisy joined DRCISST in January 2020 – she has yet to meet the whole team – however Covid19 hasn’t slowed this “pup with a purpose”, who now has several debriefs under her collar. Spreading her golden fibres of love (she attends each debrief with lint brush) is exhausting and during her down time Daisy enjoys naps, playing with her toys, spending time with her family and long walks on the beach.

Meet Our Canine: Lilly

Lilly started working with DRCISST in 2019. She is best known for her calm and caring demeanour, and her infamous “wiggle butt” when visiting her favourite people.

Lilly LOVES apples and often drools at the sound of one being eaten. Her favourite past times are exploring through the forest at home, and sharing her bed with her best pal Roxy.

When not in harness, Lilly has a mischievous side where she likes to steal logs from the wood pile and scatter them throughout the back yard for her handler to find.

Meet Our Canine: Brock

Brock started volunteering with the DRCISST in 2015, having been certified in 2014 through the St John Ambulance program. He loves people, and will "dance" and hoot at them when excited. He loves to "hug" (lean), and angle for treats. 

Brock loves coffee, but only with cream and sugar, not black. He loves the snow, and would sleep outside in his kennel all winter long if I let him and wasn't worried someone would call the SPCA.

In his spare time Brock loves running alongside the trail and pretending to be a wolf, and chasing deer when he can find them.