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The Durham Region Critical Incident Stress Support Team (DRCISST) was developed in 1991 to provide proactive education and reactive interventions for emergency service personnel and agencies and organizations requesting such assistance.

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About The training

Providing Critical Incident Education

Our primary purpose is to provide education regarding critical incident stress (CIS) and secondary goal is to minimize the harmful effects of job stress, particularly in crisis or emergency situations. 

Using the critical incident stress management (CISM) process, our team provides personnel with beginning tools or psychological first aid to alleviate potential stress related reactions before they become symptoms. 

Our team has a certified instructor accredited through the ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) who provides leadership, education, training, consultation, and support services to emergency response professions, and other related organizations in delivering quality Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) materials.

Meet Your Instructor: Sandra Mackey

Sandra Mackey is the Communications Officer for Oshawa Fire and oversees the Communications Division. She was a Police 9-1-1 Communications Supervisor in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada for over 30 years hands-on experience in Emergency Call-Centre Environments. She has extensive knowledge and skill in dealing with issues that relate to callers in distress, customer service issues, stress management, life/work balance, suicide prevention, critical incident stress management, nutrition & fitness and has explored and developed strategies to assist members who have dedicated their careers to providing assistance in a call-centre setting.

Sandra is a CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) Professional and Certified Instructor in several ICISF courses including Peer and Group Invention.

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Currently Available Courses



This course is designed to increase their knowledge of individual (one-on-one) crisis intervention techniques in various fields.

Advanced Assisting Individuals In Crisis

This course builds on the knowledge base which was obtained through the Assisting Inviduals in Crisis course.

Group Crisis Intervention

Designed to present the core elements of a comprehensive, systematic and multi-component crisis intervention curriculum.

Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

This course builds on the knowledge base which was obtained through the Group Crisis Intervention course.